Our PTA sponsors several fun events as well as educational programs at our school every year.  In order to keep these events and programs going, we need volunteer help.

We are looking for people to chair the events/programs listed below, as well as fill Committee Head positions for certain events.

Please take a moment to look at what is listed here and consider becoming a Chairperson or Committee Head for one (or more), of these events/programs.  We have very detailed notes and instructions for you to follow if you choose to chair an event/program, and Event Coordinator who will work with you, so it is really quite easy to put together one of these programs/events!

Volunteers Needed

  • Welcome Back Picnic – We have a Chair Person for this.  We are looking for one more person to co-chair this event.  Welcome our new incoming Commerce students and families, as well as our returning families for the new 2014-2015 school year!  Run and organize this fun and popular event.
  • Enrichment Programs – Two Chair People are needed. Curriculum has already been created for this program, which is an optional program for children in grades 2 – 5.  Children enrolled learn about subjects from States and Capitals, to how to create their own business plan/product and how to market and sell that item.  We need at least two volunteers (for each class), to teach the curriculum for the above mentioned grade levels and handle the scheduling for teaching the class (if we have more volunteer teachers).  If we do not get enough volunteers or a chair person for this program, we will cancel it.
  • Talent Show – One Chair Person needed. Help Mrs. Bean plan the talent show, work with the children, help organize the auditions, etc.

Jump in and take your spot on the planning committees!