With sincere gratitude, we recognize the following generous gifts:

Platinum Bulldog,  $1000.00


Meera and Paul Garcia

Isom Lowman

Rene and Mike Iverson

William and Elizabeth Tucker

Gold Bulldog, $500.00-$999.00

Jenna and Clanton Black

Cristina Correia and Neil Bradley

Karen and Donald Horace

Christy and Mac McKiernan

Jennifer McCoy and Tom Chapel

Margaret and Viraj Master

Dave Schneberger

Sarah Ziegler and Charles Allison

Silver Bulldog, $250.00-$499.00

Marianne Adams

Denise Bailey

Martin and Jay Beard-Coles

Trish and Tim Bricker

Robert and Gwyneth Butera

Yun Mei Fung and Antonio Leung

Denise deLa Rue

Betsy and Robert LeBeau

Laura Fehrs and Keith Magnes

Dale Froneberger/ Rose Rudd

Julia Leaphart

Lyn Longini

Laura Moore and James Hanna

Kathyrn Purselle

Carla and Remy Saintil

Anne and Chris Sciarrone

Kira Sloop

Hildeth and Shawn Stafford

Beth Thompson

Bronze Bulldog, $100.00-$249.00

Louise Bailey

Katherine Benson and Michelangelo Grigni

Evelyn and Bob Brewer

Sue Bresler

Jennifer and Greg Cobb

Catherine Coblin

Rhea Craig

Frank Goldman

Fleur Hartmann and Joseph Perz

John Haugaard

Joy Hymel

Tamara and Lewis Jones

Emily Kandetzki

Paula and James Kelly

Tara Koski

Holly Lanford

Dayle and David Little

Judith Lomas and Alan Greenberg

Joseph Lyle

Elizabeth Mahaney

Shelley Parnes

Amy and Rich Pfeufer

Kathy Phillips

Shannon and Andy Plummer

Javier Politizer

Marjorie and Michael Rodi

Chris Russell

Kim Russell

Beate and Tim Sass

David Smith and Mary Irene Dickerson

Charlotte Smith

Kristin and Billy Smith

Suzanna Stribling

Eric Tumperi

Elizabeth Turk

Lisa Tyler

Amy Weisbecker

Liz and Ian Williams

Copper Bulldog, $50.00-$99.00

Catherine Abrams and Han Choi

Lynn Adams

Bob Barrineau

Amanda Bell-Kirson

Selena and William Dennard

Brian Douglas

Georgia and Alan Ellis

Velicia Edwards

Tina Fleming

Lesia Gordon

Mattice Haynes

Diane and Charles Hunter

Rutlege Hutson

Christine Koehler

Katherine Masyn

Eve and Aaron McClennen

Katherine and Robert Mone

Katina Pappas-DeLuca

Jennifer Reed

Maria Julia Rivarola

David Robinson

Tanya Rodriguez

Nia Schooler and Walter Broner

Madeline Zavodny and George Rainbolt

Pewter Bulldog, $1.00-$49.00

Christy Amador

Amy and Jason Cattanach

Maria Ceballos-Wallis

Susan Gauthier

Debra Lubar

Quvada Moreland and Marvin Segars

Cheryl and Eddy Nahimas

Natalie Snedden

Allison Taylor

JenniferWalcott and James Sayers

Vickie Wingard

Thank you ALL!

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