Annual Fund Donors 2016 – 2017

Many thanks to the following donors for their generosity:

*recurring donations

Platinum Bulldog $1,000+

TIF Foundation Fund

Javier & Madonna Pollitzer *

Rene and Mike Iverson

Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Jackie & James Wall

Gold Bulldog, $500-999

Jenna and Clanton Black *

William and Elizabeth Tucker

Cristina Correia & Neil Bradley

Teresa Mustlier & Pascale Worley

Christy and Mac McKiernan

Hildreth and Shawn Stafford

Silver Bulldog $250-499

Karen and Donald Horace *

Sarah Ziegler and Charles Allison *

Dale Froneberger and Rose Rudd *

Jennifer & Robert Slaton


Brett and Carla Daniels

Anne and Chris Sciarrone

Yun Lee and Doug Glasgow

Denise DeLaRue

Michael and Margaret Johns

Frank and Mary Rolinson

Chris Fisk

Jane Carr and J.B. Hibbitts

Cecilia Maza and Kevin Gallagher

Yun Mei Fung & Antonio Leung

Georgina and Garrett Goebel

Cheryl and Eddy Nahimas

Betsy and Robert LeBeau

Sue Bresler and Doug Loggins

Clare Butler

Kathryn and Matt Purselle

Amy and Paul Weisbecker

Ross and Kira Sloop

Tiffany Brott & Greg Comrie

Beth & John Thompson

Courtenay and George Dusenbury

Brian & Melissa Rose

Stephanie Van Parys & Robert Cleveland

Margaret & Viraj Master

Laura Fehrs and Keith Magnes

Christine & Tim Russell

Robert & Gwyneth Buter

Reynolds & Josef DeLisle

Bronze Bulldog $100-$249

David Scharf

Kimberly & Joseph Lyle

Elizabeth Webb and David Jones

Elizabeth and Joseph Mahany

Benjamin Baez and Shelley Parnes

Laura Moore & James Hanna *

Eve and Aaron McClennen

Amy and Mark Swank

Kathleen Donovan *

Lisa Paulsen

Monica and Tony Miles

Anne-Francoise & Richard Utz *

Heidi and Winfred Westbrook

George and Emily Howard *

Meera and Paul Garcia

Caroline Rehling and Alex Schaefer

Amanda Bell-Kirson

Kristin and Mike Miller

Kathy Marker

Laurie & Robert Carter

Tamara and Lewis Jones

Kenneth and Eve Rose

Julia & Eric Campbell

John and Jill Fossett

Kate Pak and Scott Baker

Mary Jane and John Leach

Kurt and Christen Erskine

James and Kate Coblin

Paul Duda and Shannon Powell

Fleur Hartmann and Joseph Perz

Katherine Benson and Michelangelo Grigni

Diane and Charles Hunter

Kathy Phillips and Robyn Waldorf

Amy and Rich Pfeufer

Judith Lomas and Alan Greenberg

Holly Lanford

Jennifer and Greg Cobb

Cheryl Reid
Maureen Wallin & Scott Damon

Janine & Kupe Kupersmith

Gena and Mark Major

Emily and Brent Kandetzki

Eve Wyatt

Linda and Eric Trumperi

Jonathan & Charlotte Smith

Milton and Louise Bailey

Suzanna Stribling & Bob Rubin

Erin & Christopher Braden

Marise Parent

Ken Manford & Jeffrey Roach

Copper Bulldog $50-99

Nia Schooler and Walter Broner *

Cynthia Stevens

Greg and Nicole Coleson

Colin Arnold

Lisa Persons

Elizabeth McCloskey and Paul Clipson

Elise and Terry Drago

Jodi & Jim McGill

Kim and Mark Connally

Angie & John Tatum

Courtney Hartnett

Pat Blake

Katherine and Robert Mone

Quvada Moreland and Marvin Segars

Shenita Vanish

Cameron McWhirter

Leslie Stuart

Kristin and Jeffrey Guthrie

Merry Sebelik

Cele & William Blair

Jennifer Zreloff

Lindsay Knight

Trace Hawthorn and Mary Stoops

Jill Perry-Smith

Allison & William Taylor

Lynda Wilson

Suzanne & Chuck Miller

Lynn Adams

Nancy Johnson

Christine Koehler

Pewter Bulldog $1-49

Robin Shahar

Kim Dean

Jennifer Walcott and James Sayers

Leslie Fouts

Lisa and David Tyler

Kim and Saeed Nadjariun

Steve and Angie Goudy

Lisa and Alan Cronic

Jean & Brian Douglas

Paige & Cary McNeal

Robin Kuwahara

Cathy and David Brim

Vidyashankar Ranagaswamy and April Choi

Mary Ann Reed

Thank you, thank you!

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