Learn more at the official Jump for Heart website> Jump for Heart LogoEach year, our students participate in a fundraiser that gets them moving and earns funds for the American Heart Association. It’s called “Jump Rope for Heart” .

Information to help our event run smoothly:

  1. Their goal is to try and raise $50 each.  Fifty dollars will help save the life of one person living with heart disease.  We are learning about the heart in PE and the kids are so fascinated by it! I just love it!  Please keep all donations at home until the week of our event.  Be sure to convert all cash to a check payable to The American Heart Association. Do not send on bills and loose change.
  2. The kids are working very hard to try and collect all six rubber ducks this year!  Please follow the instructions on the collection envelope to see how your child can earn their ducks.
  3. Please ask your employers to donate.  Many companies have a matching program.  All you need to do is ask!
  4. Follow instructions on the envelope to set up a jump rope for heart website. This is how your child can earn two of the six ducks.
  5. We will be having a fun non competitive jump rope contest with each class for a chance to win a prize.  Please encourage your child/ren to practice good sportsmanship.  It is all in good fun!

Thank you so much for your help and support. We are looking forward to another successful event!