The purpose of the DHS PTSA Grants Program is to provide funding for activities and materials that make DHS an engaging, inclusive, inspiring learning community. We are committed to a streamlined process that encourages ideas from teachers and student organizations to enrich DHS.  The PTSA Grants include:


  • PTSA ‘Annual’ Grants Solicitation Cycle: In 2023-2024, The PTSA Annual Grants will be announced in November.  The proposals are due on Sunday, January 7, 2024.  Grants will be reviewed within two weeks using the evaluation criteria shown elsewhere on this page.

  • PTSA ‘Just-in-Time’ Grants: As the name suggests, these are requests that require time-sensitive support for staff and students to take advantage of an opportunity or need that falls between the DEF and PTSA formal grant processes.  Application and criteria will be the same with additional information requested on the background and urgency for the activity or equipment.

  • PTSA ‘Supplemental’ Grants:  Funds to extend support of DEF Innovation Grants and other parent-student supported organizations, like Decatur Performs, Bulldog Boosters and others.  The PTSA funds are intended to augment projects and purchases that have already been reviewed and recommended. 


Who could apply?  DHS teachers, staff, student groups, DHS committees


How much can we apply for?

  • Teacher or Committee Grants applications can be up to $3,000; Applications for funding requests above this amount will need to be discussed with PTSA Grants Chair in advance.
  • Student Organization Support grants can be up to $500; Applications above this amount will need to have a DHS staff sponsor and be submitted by a teacher or committee.


When to apply?  The online PTSA Grant application is always open and available on the DHS PTSA website.  The due date for PTSA 2023-2024 school year grants is Jan 7, 2024, so that decisions can be made by Jan 18, 2024.   Grants submitted after this date and ‘just-in-time’ grants will be accepted on a rolling basis provided funds are available.


How are the grants reviewed and awarded?  Each proposal will be reviewed by a team of 2-4 people comprised from the PTSA grants committee and volunteers, DHS diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) committee, and ad hoc reviewers related to the grant request as needed.  The principal will review and approve all decisions.


Evaluation criteria:

  • Impact of the project (number of students, years of use, and ability to share benefits)
  • Promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Engagement and recognition of DHS in wider community
  • Past grants awarded and/or availability of funding from other sources.


PTSA Grants may support:

  • Academic and career academy support
  • Co-curricular support to students and community
  • Extra-curricular support to DHS clubs and organizations (start-up costs; registration fees, DHS representation, supplies)
  • Arts support and supplies (funding for visual and performing art materials and equipment) *
  • Athletic support and equipment
  • Instructional material or equipment**
  • Special projects or events
  • Field trip costs
  • Expenses associated with trips organized by DHS Clubs
  • Faculty, staff, and student wellness and recognition
  • Speaker fees for classroom or assembly
  • DHS beautification

*Arts support will be coordinated with Decatur Performs, Band Boosters, or department lead.

** IT equipment and software requests will be reviewed by DHS IT staff


PTSA Grants will NOT support:

  • Professional Development (separate funding available)
  • Supplies for classroom or clinic use (Separate funding is available for supply closet and clinic support)
  • Food/snacks for classrooms or events




  • All grant money awarded must be spent by June 1; unused funds returned to the PTSA.
  • Material and equipment purchased with PTSA money should remain at DHS.
  • Only one grant will be awarded per teacher or club per year.
  • Recipients will be asked to report on use and impact to PTSA through pictures, a thank you letter and/or short video.
  • Questions: Contact DHS PTSA Grants Chair (currently