Our volunteers are an important part of the Decatur High School experience. There are many ways to give of your time and talents, no matter how much of each you have to share!



Committee Description

Academic Support Committee

  • To promote, facilitate and recognize academic achievement at Decatur High School, supporting all of our students to succeed
  • Making it cool to make good grades (we love new ideas!)
Specific Help Needed:
  • Committee Co-Contact to learn the ropes and share duties with the current Contact
  • Meeting Secretary – for monthly committee meetings
  • Contacts and Staff for various events including, Top Dog Luncheons, Honor Roll Drawings, Academic Achievement Banquet, Guidance Dept. College Trips, College Fair, College Jamboree, Thank-A-Teacher Tables, Exam Proctors

Class Parent Coordinator

  • To provide a central point of coordination for the class parents
Specific Help Needed:
  • Parent(s) for each class to coordinate parent volunteers for Homecoming float building and other class-specific activities
  • Parent(s) for each class to assist with Decatur Parent Network building (see Decatur Parents Network below)

Communication Committee

  • Communicating to parents and teachers about DHS and PTSA activities via PTSA website, weekly eNews publications, flyers, and newsletters

Cultural Arts Committee

  • Share regular updates with PTSA on DHS Performing Arts Association activities & upcoming events
  • Providing support for the organiztion and teachers involved with cultural arts
  • Providing support for other DHS-sponsored cultural events

Decatur Parents Network (DPN)

  • Engage and organize all City of Decatur parents and our community at large to create a communications infrastructure, identify learning and helping resources, and work with parents, teens, and local organizations to create positive, fun, supervised activities across Decatur for our youth. More info > Decatur Parents Network
Specific Help Needed:
  • Communications assistance
  • Class Parent Leaders
  • Positive, fun activities coordination
  • Chaperones

Decatur Global Committee


  • Fundraise to create a pool of money to be available as financial aid for travel opportunities.
  • Facilitate financial aid application process.
  • Provide opportunities for students to fundraise for specified trips.
  • Research and communicate other travel abroad opportunities, especially no-cost and low-cost programs

DEF/PTSA Council Representative

  • Represent the DHS PTSA on the DEF PTA Council of City of Decatur Schools
    • Attend monthly meetings of both the council & PTSA
    • Provide input in DEF council meetings as representative of the PTSA
  • Provide regular updates following DEF council meetings to PTSA board to improve awareness of COD PTSA initiatives, activities, and opportunities to work together to support our families and communities

DHS Annual Fund Committee

  • Establishing and promoting an Annual Giving Campaign and soliciting contributions
  • Research and recommend fundraising activities to board for approval/support
  • Oversee execution of approved fundraisers
  • Prepare monthly committee report for council meetings
Specific Help Needed:
  • Fundraising captains: energetic individuals who are willing to reach out to members of the DHS community to solicit and procure funds
  • Winter Mixer Event Planning support person needed to identify community partner for catering, entertainment, etc.

DHS 101 Committee

  • Coordinate DHS 101 event for new students at the beginning of the school year.
  • Provide input on budget needs for event
Specific Help Needed:
  • 2020 chair needed to coordinate this event
  • Volunteers to provide food – and help with set-up/clean
  • Volunteers to staff the information table for PTSA at the event – membership/annual fund / teacher appreciation & supply closet

Grants Committee

  • Reviewing PTSA grant applications and disbursing grant budget to school clubs and activities
  • Lead and manage grant process
    • Work with school staff to determine areas to prioritize
    • Track payments of grants and provide ongoing reports to board on status
  • Provide input into annual budget
  • Prepare committee report for council meetings when necessary
Specific Help Needed:
  • Assist in reviewing PTSA grant applications two or three times a year – group works primarily via email

Membership Committee

  • Encourage parents & teachers to join the PTSA
  • Help staff the PTSA tables at various school-wide events
  • Manage membership list and submit GA PTA forms to keep our chapter dues current
Specific Help Needed:
  • Help staff the PTSA membership table at selected PTSA and school-wide events

Passive Fundraising

  • Manage passive donation sources > Amazon Smile, Kroger Community Rewards, Publix Partners Cards.
  • Ensure accounts are active and access transfers as chair changes year to year
  • Develop regular communication on how parents can support PTSA thru passive fundraising and provide updates to communications and website leads
  • Seek new opportunities within community as they emerge

School Dance Committee

  • Work with faculty advisor & Student Government council (SGA) to set dates of dances
    • Homecoming in fall (October)
    • Winter dance in February
  • Oversee decor, refreshments, volunteers, safety of students, rules
  • Schedule entertainment – DJ, performers, photo booth, etc.
  • Work with volunteer coordination committee to ensure adequate staffing
  • Follow all finance committee procedures
  • Prepare committee report for council meetings when necessary
Specific Help Needed:
  • Provide “night of” support (e.g., chaperones)

School Leadership Team (SLT) Representative

  • Represent the DHS PTSA on the SLT
    • Attend monthly meetings of both the SLT & PTSA
    • Provide input in SLT meetings as representative of the PTSA
  • Provide regular updates following the SLT meetings to PTSA board to improve awareness of SLT initiatives, key focus areas, and opportunities to collaborate to support the faculty, staff and families of DHS
  • Act as voice of SLT priorities at PTSA meetings

Student Volunteer Hours

  • Lead the communication, collection and entry of the student community service volunteer hours at DHS
  • Work with head of counseling department to refine process
  • NEW: Gather & communicate volunteer opportunities for student body
    • Create centralized information source for volunteer opportunities
    • Draft communications for eBlast & website to regularly share updates on volunteer opportunities
Specific Help Needed:
  • Communications assistant to work with volunteer coordinator to summarize volunteer opportunities for students and send summary, picture, links, etc to eBlast lead & webmaster

Teacher Appreciation / Hospitality

  • Providing treats and motivators for teachers on special occasions
  • Recruiting parent volunteers to support the various appreciation & recognition events
  • Provide regular updates on upcoming appreciation events to communications for eBlast inclusion
  • Provide inputs for annual budget and committee reports on monthly basis
  • NEW – Leadership of Teacher Supply Closet (2019)
    • Work with Principal to identify process to gather teacher supply needs
    • Communicate current needs and collect supplies or donations
    • Stock and maintain the supply closet
Specific Help Needed:
  • Volunteers to provide food – and help with set-up/clean-up – for staff/teacher appreciation and other events throughout the year
Community partners interested in working with us to support the teachers & faculty through discounts, donations, etc.

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Work with President & Vice President to coordinate all staffing needs for PTSA open positions and committee support needs
  • Actively recruit volunteers from DHS parent & student community
  • Maintain list of volunteers across events for end of year volunteer recognition & party
  • Work with committees to ensure adequate staffing for all events and programs
  • Prepare committee report for council meetings when necessary
Specific Help Needed:
  • This position is currently open and a parent volunteer is needed