The bulk of Decatur High School PTSA fundraising efforts go to fund grant requests that we received each year from teachers, staff, and student groups.  In the 2022-2023 school year, WE FUNDED OVER $13,000 IN GRANTS. 


grants awarded chart


Your PTSA donations are used to fund activities and materials that make DHS an engaging, inclusive, inspiring learning community.  In addition, the PTSA often coordinates with the Decatur Education Foundation and DHS parent-support organizations so that we all can extend the amount and impact of our respective funding.


DHS PTSA grant awarded in school year 2022-2023


Activity or Purchase

PTSA Funding

Academic/Career Support


French Immersion Weekend

 $                555

Graphic Design Scanner

 $                375

Direct to Garment Printer

 $             3,700

Engaging Learning with Blooket and EdTech Cafes

 $             1,250

Arts Support


Band Instrument Replacement

 $             2,500

Technical Theater Lighting

 $             1,200

Athletic Support


Electronic Scoring Equipment for Fencing

 $             2,079

Student Clubs


FCCLA Club Red Blazers for Competitions

 $                800

Fast Friends Outings

 $                800



Click here to see grant requests the PTSA Annual Fund has supported prior to 2022.


Parent volunteers are always welcome and needed to review grants, help improve the process, or work with teachers to find and apply for external grants.  This work can often be done at home.  If you are interested, please reach out to .